As a Muslim woman and follower of Islam I choose to cover my hair, body, and remain in a state of modesty. In Islam, the word hijab means “to cover”. Muslim women around the world interpret this word, and cover in different ways. Some decide not to cover at all, some choose to wear modest clothing, some decide to cover their hair, and some choose to cover their entire body, showing nothing except their eyes. The reason that I choose to cover my hair is because this was the practice followed by women during the time of the prophet, peace be upon him. The reason that I choose to wear the hijab, is that when you love something, you want everyone to know. The hijab teaches me that I am more than a sexualized being, that I have worth, respect, and I am a virtuous woman. The hijab is who I am. It is barrier between me, and the outside world and it keeps me safe. However, contrary to common misconception, the hijab does not stop me from doing anything. I love getting my nails done, wearing makeup, and putting together outfits. The hijab gives me the platform to do all of this, while still pleasing my Creator.

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