Fantastic Four Face Mask

When it comes to our skin, I think it is safe to say that we all want what is best. No one likes irritated skin, or break outs. It is tough dealing with our skin when we experience these things. Everyone has different skin types, from oily to dry, and some methods might not work for others. This mask uses four key ingredients that work well with every skin type, all in one! These ingredients are all antibacterial, and help to get rid of any unwanted and gross bacteria on the skin. The ingredients are

  1. Turmeric – Turmeric is a powder spice that has many different healing properties. Turmeric is known for helping with inflammation, acne, bacterial and is an antiseptic. In this mask, the turmeric is used  is used to reduce redness and help fight acne.
  2. Coconut Oil – The job of coconut oil in this mask is to moisturize the face, and to kill any bacteria that is on the skin. Coconut oil is known as an antimicrobial and will help stop further grown of any bacteria on the face.
  3. Lemon – Lemons are used in this mask to help  brighten the skin, and kill any bacteria on the skin.
  4. Honey – Honey has tons of antioxidants that will help the skin. In this mask, honeys job is the give the skin a glow and clean out pores.

Take the desired amount of each ingredient and mix into a bowl. I used half a spoon full of turmeric, half a spoon of coconut oil, two squirts of honey, and two squirts on lemon. Wash your face, and then apply the mask. Leave the mask on for no less than 15 minutes!!