a few months ago when i created my blog the vision i had for myself was so much different than it is today. the reason that i created this page was for me to have a platform that i can unfold my thoughts, feeling, and creativity with the outside world. i felt like i had found myself and i was ready to give myself to the world. these past couple weeks i have been so unmotivated. no particular reason, just detached and uninterested. i think that i was so wrapped up in the idea of that I had “found myself” that i started to change myself to become this person in my head. honestly, i don’t even know if any of this makes sense – but i am writing this tonight because i am energized. tonight i feel soft and golden and beautiful and good and so i am embracing this moment and writing these little reminders that i hope will inspire you because they inspire me

  1. you become less, so you can become more
  2. be humble and de-emphasize yourself
  3. stop explaining you who are
  4. invent the present
  5. fondness will be reciprocated
  6. celebrate the moments you have with people, even if friendships with these people break off
  7. you’re multidimensional
  8. don’t apologize for how you feel
  9. someones prettiness doesn’t make your prettiness any less pretty
  10. “verily with hardship comes ease”

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