I turned 19 on the seventeenth of May, and had a small get together at my house to celebrate the occasion. My entire party was made up of different DIY ideas that I saw on pinterest and youtube. I threw a very last minute party, and I invited everyone just two days before! The theme of my party was ice cream, with ice cream pool floats, a ice cream pinata, and cooler of ice cream sandwiches for dessert! I am super blessed to have been able to spend this day with family and friends.

Everything I used to decorate was stuff I already had or from target!

The first thing that I started to decorate was the outdoor gazebo that my party was going to be held in. A fun way that I decided to spice up the dull brown, was by adding pink streamers to the sides and putting fake flowers through them! It was such an easy way add some color to the setting!


The next thing I did was I made sure the pool was clean (it didn’t last long with all the wind and leaves) and I blew up some ice cream shaped floats and put them into the pool. This was such a simple way of making the entire scene flow! Since I was having an outdoor party I wanted it to all look nice and correlate.


Next I went back inside the gazebo and started decorating inside. This was the finished product of how it looked! I made a DIY balloon train, and stuck fake flowers on and in-between the balloons (the same ones used in the streamers). Keep reading to find out how I got all of these balloons to stick together!


DSC00042As crazy as it sounds, after I blew up the desired amount of balloons I wanted, I sewed them together.


Once I had a good amount of balloons sewed together, I started using duck tape to put more balloons on top, to create a more 3D look. DSC00025

The next thing that I did was I started to cut some pink fabric that I wanted to use for two different things. I bought plastic champagne cups that I wanted to tie fabric around into a bow, but I also wanted to tie some to the 19 balloons that I had. The balloons didn’t actually float, so I had to duck tape them to the gazebo. The fabric was added just for show and to create the allusion of real floating balloons.


Now back to the cups, here and the cups before and after the bow: DSC00024


The bow really makes the cups look more girly and a lot nicer then just being plain.

The next thing that I worked on was setting up the food. I didn’t have a whole ton of food at my party, but just the basics. I used a pink table cloth from target to create a brighter look, and the rest was just plain and simple! The white cooler in the middle is where I put the ice cream sandwiches. I also bought a pink stand from target that said “BAR”, and put it in front of the cooler, with the idea that it was an ice cream bar.

DSC00037DSC00045DSC00057 2

A little extra piece that I added was this “Advice for the 19 year old” at one of the side tables. It was really fun reading what everyone said at the end, and I recommend having this at any party you have! It is so versatile and you can make it say whatever you want.


If you’ve come this far I would like to say thank for reading my blog, and being a part of this. It really means a lot. I hope you learned something new, or got inspired.
Love, Noor 🙂


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