This post is going to be everything school! From study tips, the perfect study playlist, the perfect outfit, and the perfect duaa, I have got you covered!

real talk:

The first thing I’d like to remind everyone that motivation always has to be refreshed and renewed. I read somewhere once that motivation was like a shower. We take showers, but we get dirty, and so we have to take them again. That’s how motivation is – we buy new stationary, or hear a inspirational story and we feel energized and ready. But the responsibilities pile up, and the precedence we give schoolwork stops, and can eventually cause a unhealthy cycle. A tip of mine would be to follow a study Instagram or blog. This will give you daily, or weekly inspiration and hopefully motivate you!

Something that I’ve been trying to learn, and a tip I have is that sometimes we really need to get real with ourselves. There will be times that you feel the stress and build up of school on you, or the list of tasks growing but nothing getting completed. The BIGGEST tip that I can give is that self-discipline (when it comes to studying) will never be obtained in the future, it will ONLY be obtained now.


For this post, I tried to collect some of the best tips out there and I genuinely pray that anyone reading this has a year of success and opportunity.

here is a google docs that I found full of study tips!

here are some study tips that I picked out from Pinterest! I think these are the best ones, but I will link my Pinterest down below.

  • Study less, but study better. How well you study is NOT determined by how long you study. Five hours of studying while being on your phone, isn’t studying, its five hours of being on your phone. If you are distracted, your studying will be vague and broad, and you will be wasting your time. The most important things are to prioritize, set realistic timelines, and to try to reduce all distractions when studying. A good way to do this is by making detailed to-do lists, or keeping a planner.

Studying English:

  • Don’t read everything, but read as much as you can. Being able to fully understand what you read, rather than reading and having a broad understanding is way better. When you are reading for a class, ask yourself the questions, it will keep you engaged in what you read, and will give you a greater understanding.

Studying Math/Science:

  • Practice everyday! Do a little everyday. There is no need to overwhelm yourself, just practice practice practice. Make a cheat sheet, do all the steps in a problem, study the small concepts – it will help makes the entire corse easier.


This a study playlistsI found on Spotify that I find myself listening too:

The one I created:


For this post, I was styled by my friend Haneen Muhyeddin. She picked this outfit out for me, and I absolutely loved it! I am a true believer that if you go to school looking good, you will feel good, and that will result in you doing better in class. This outfit is perfect for school because it is simple, cute, and modest. It is comfortable, but the tatreez top gives the outfit a little extra personality, and makes it my own.

IMG_0264 2.JPGIMG_0262.JPGIMG_0267.JPG

IMG_0263.JPG    Photos taken by Sarah Muhyeddin


Last but not least, you can’t study without Duaa. Here are some duaa links below:

I hope this post inspires you all to work hard, study strong, and overall motivate you to make this school year a success!