Hi everyone!! I’ve decided to add this new “SAVE THE WORLD” section to my blog and I hope this will urge you all to help make this happen. I think all of us dream for a better word, but dreams can only do so much. I’ve decided to take action, and I would like you all to follow along with me on my journey!

As many of you already know, the environmental and climate change crisis is growing rapidly, and despite our governments neglecting to take take the steps needed to fix this problem, it doesn’t mean that we have too neglect taking steps in the right direction as well. 

The reason that I have decided to change my lifestyle is because the idea that my children and the next generation will not be able to experience nature the way that I did terrifies me. Despite the fact that it may be difficult as first, I strongly believe that because I have full control of my day-to-day actions, I will be able to make a difference in our world! I know that it may seem like one person can’t do much, but the impact that each of us has is unbelievable. My personal ecological footprint is that it would take 4.7 Earths to sustain the way that I am living. I hope that by having positive attitude and changing small choices I make throughout the day I will be able lower this number, and create a better world.

The challenge that I am going to try and overcome is to change my diet and become a vegetarian! I am doing this because the meat industries abuse of animals absolutely disgusts me. Not only is do meat industries lack respect for animal life, but the have no respect for our environment and the damages that happen to it because of them. I think this challenge will be a little difficult for me since most middle-eastern food contains meat, and my diet consists mainly of Arabic food.


If I am being honest, I have not done enough research to see what the final verdict for eating fish as a vegetarian is. However, since I am still transitioning I decided that for one night, fish would be okay. Even though I am not a big fan of fish, the food that I ate delicious!




I know that the hardest part of making the transition from a meat eater to a non-meat eater is going to be, obviously, food. I think it will be particularly difficult trying to make some of my favorite dishes without meat. For the first time I tried making my favorite food without meat, and even though it was defiantly not the same, it still really tasted good!! The dish that I made was vegetarian dolma.



Daughter of Diaspora

Daughter of Diaspora

Salam! This weeks post is a feature from my good friend Mona Hagmagids blog,

Mona is a Sudanese and Afro-American woman from Northern Virginia, who is studying at the University of Pennsylvania. She has a love for poetry and Islam, and is an amazing spoken word artist. I am honored to share this piece on my site and I hope you like it as much as I did!

It seems that there is an ideal Muslim “woman”, particularly in my generation of non-black American Muslim men. She is funny (but will never take up too much attention at a party), flirtatious (but still a virgin), wanted by other men (but a maximum of no more than three previous boyfriends, and she must still be a virgin), pretty (but not curvy lest she be immodest!), smart (but not the kind of smart that will raise her hand in class or challenge a man in a board meeting, that’s not smarts that recklessness!), and a good balance of religiously and modernity (shops at Haute Hijab and Forever 21, watches Game of Thrones but also subscribes to Bayyinah TV), and involved in something or two beyond herself (perhaps a charity organization where she helps to plan events but never gets near the microphone, never the leader, never threatening).

She is the perfect Muslim girl, who will make a perfect girlfriend and then, if she stays in demand (keeps up her figure and stays on trend) and doesn’t draw outside the lines (God forbid she excel beyond him in school or make more money or begin to change herself in anyway), will, and can end up as his wife. He will marry her, she will make room in her life to have his kids and post pictures with them on Instagram and it will all be a beautiful story after that. We will comment and congratulate and nothing will be any different than yesterday.

Of course, this stereotype is crude, insulting, and above all, desperately shallow. But it seems, more or less, accurate for a significant number of Muslim guys.

And so, there is a lot of anxiety when it comes to thinking about marriage and men for a woman who does not fit that mold. There is added stress upon girls that might be able to jam the parts of themselves into such a narrow ideal that they do so at the expense of themselves, their personalities, and at times, their own values.

There is strangeness in Muslim dating culture, a strong undercurrent of old and weathered ideals cloaked in new age synonyms for Housewife and Obedient and Just-Like-Mama. It seems that no matter how many Muslim men of my generation put “woke” (whatever that means) in their twitter bios and repost Linda Sarsour on Facebook and put Colin Kapernick as their profile photos, they still perpetuate toxic ideas about womanhood and marriage and relationships which value superficial, inconsequential, and ultimately useless aspects of a person’s social persona as the threshold for who is worth bringing home to Ammi.

Our Islamic tradition is one that exalts and honors strong women. Strong in their deen, their dignity, and their self-worth. A strong woman does not always have to be loud, but her strength is observable, felt, and noticed. And boys, these boys, our boys, run from women who they know are their equals and will remind them of it every day. Our boys choose comfort and ego and social status over growth over home over depth.

This community has raised a generation of boys. Real Question: where are the men?

girls in the hills

girls in the hills

The perfect fall outfit.

This outfit could be worn to an event, dinner with friends, or on a fun day trip. It can easily be dressed up with jewelry or dressed down with a more simple makeup look. I love these pop-of-color shoes, the flowy dress, and the classy look the shirt underneath gives.

I found this dress at Target and the undershirt and shoes at Marshalls!


IMG_2375 2IMG_2377 2IMG_2376 2IMG_2370 2IMG_2378 2IMG_2369 2



When I first saw this dress, I was at Target with my headphones in listening to the song Ophelia by the Lumineers. I knew I had to have this piece. Dresses like this are absolutely lovely because they are divine – beautiful but also modest. All of these photos are raw and unedited.